Friday, November 9, 2012

Help this puppy find a good home!!

On Sunday, this puppy was wandering around outside our church, looking very lost, hungry, and scared. We picked her up and now are trying to find a good home for her! She is very sweet, fairly well house-trained, great with kids, and loves being part of a family. She is very eager to please and quick to learn. 

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in adopting her, please let me know! I think she will be a very loving, loyal, thankful, obedient dog! 


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  2. I would really like this dog. How do I get information on her?

    1. I stopped fostering her last week and she is now in another foster home with the rescue group Alpha Dogs. Here is their link:

      And here is her listing with them:

      She is now in Maine but can be shipped anywhere. She is still available for adoption. The first link has contact info. Hope that is helpful to you! She is a sweetheart!!

  3. I think I adopted her sister in October and would love for her to have a playmate. Please contact me at 603-973-0527 or email at